Jackson-Butts County Council for the Arts 2018 Fine Arts Scholarships

Instructions & Rules

          •        The student must be a resident of Butts County and a senior who will graduate by June 2018.

          •        The student must plan to attend a college with the intent of majoring in a fine arts area. This includes visual art, music, drama, creative writing, dance or any related fine arts field.

          •        Complete the application form with the necessary attachments.

          •        Submit applications to the counselors’ office at Jackson High School or to a member of the scholarship committee by Monday, March 19.

          •        Jackson-Butts County Council for the Arts will award one $1,000 scholarship to be used for educational costs, including books, supplies, tuition, etc.

          •        Scholarship amount will be paid with both the college and student name on the check.

          •        The scholarship winners must notify the Jackson-Butts County Council for the Arts of their acceptance of the award and the name of the schools by August 31, 2018 to receive the scholarship.


If you have any questions, please contact any member of the scholarship committee:

Diane Glidewell 770-775-6592

Cheryl Hilderbrand 770-775-1696


Jackson-Butts County Council for the Arts 2018 Fine Arts Scholarships

Please note: Applications must be turned in at the Jackson High School counselors’ office or to a member of the scholarship committee by 5 p.m. Monday, March 19, 2018.





Telephone number(s)______________________________________________________

Parental Information

Parents’ Name(s)__________________________________________________________


Home Address (street/city/state/zip code)____________________________________

Telephone number(s)______________________________________________________

Place of employment______________________________________________________


Applicant MUST attach the following:

•           Two letters of recommendation. These letters should be from someone who has personal knowledge of your talents and abilities in your chosen fine art field. They cannot be from immediate family members.

•           Autobiographical sketch with reference to future plans and goals and your involvement in the community. How will you use your talents? (1-2 pages)

•           High school transcript

•           SAT or ACT score

•           Acceptance letter/evidence of admission to a school with a major in a fine arts area. (If not yet accepted, this information will be required at the time the scholarship is awarded.)

I certify that all information reported on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

 Applicant’s Signature__________________________________________


Academic Performance & Potential

High school grade point average (4.0 scale)__________________________________

SAT or ACT score _______________________________________________________

Participation in extracurricular activities (attach additional page if necessary)

Membership in organizations ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Offices held in organizations __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Honors & recognitions received _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other activities ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

College which you plan to attend:



Date you will begin attending________________________________________________

Tuition per quarter/semester $______________________________________________


Financial Need Assessment: (Will be handled as strictly confidential information)

What circumstances or factors would describe or influence your financial need?


Attach additional pages if needed for any questions.